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Troublesome Parasol

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Troublesome Parasol
Post By Re-l. 25/05/10, 12:55 pm

Does anyone know the name of those parasols that have a really long stick??
//fails at describing.

The actual umbrella part is fairly small but the stick is rather long so from the handle, it reaches right to the floor. >_<''

I remember having one a few years back, when I did a My Fair Lady stage show back in the UK.

Im looking for one for my gothic lolita riding hood costume for ACB.

Does anyone (if you know what im talking about) know where to get one from?
Or even a regular lacey/frilly (black/red) parasol.
(I saw one on trade me but....$100 for an umbrella?>___< I THINK NOT)
Any links with to a tutorial with pictures for making a parasol would be helpful

Thanks ;3

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Troublesome Parasol

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