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Post By Huntress. 01/05/10, 05:12 pm

Hey guys,

Is anyone struggling to find wonderflex without paying at least $100US for shipping? It is available in NZ under a different name. (Not sure on pricing yet) The product is called cast-rhena & it ranges in size from 12.5cm to 2.5cm & is 3.6m Long.

The company it is available from is called USL medical and has both an Auckland and an 0800 number.

# 09 829 0960 or # 0800 658 814

Hope this is helpful =)
Le grande

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Re: Wonderflex
Post By Static. 01/05/10, 05:22 pm

Huh - looking at that on google now, it seems to be a one-use thing. It activates at quite a low temp, and seems to be a water-activated polyresin, which normally doesn't take kindly to being re-worked! At the same time though, if it's cheap, then AWESOME. Particularly since I need a tonne of the stuff for next year!

Edit: Never mind! Rhena cast isn't remouldable, but rhena THERM is :) Let us know pricing when you can!

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