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Top 5 Techno

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Top 5 Techno
Post By Minato_mori. 11/01/10, 03:39 pm

I made a thread like this AGES AGO but that would be necro as and
this is top 5 ^^ Just to build my knowledge on techno that i might not know
and be awesome xD So, Name your top 5 techno songs C:

#1)Dj Melodie- Sound of my dream (my most favourite song)

#2)Dj Mystik- Moonlight shadow (on here for it's epicness. Im sure there isn't one person
out there that does not know this song)

#3)Dj Rabban- Anima libera (I have something for different languages)

#4)Dj Splash- Always and forever (plain and simple. But better than basshunter d-_-b)

#5)Nightcore- Me and my lover (my most favourite Happy Hardcore artist and song.)
fraggle rock

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Re: Top 5 Techno
Post By Alatyr. 15/01/10, 02:14 am

1~ Enter Shikari - Solidarity
2~ FatBoy Slim - Weapon of Choice
3~ HeadHunterz - Aiming 4 ur brain (That's the songs name, not my spelling)
4~ Moby - Feeling so Real
5~ The Prodigy - Voodoo People

I tend to like older techno.

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Re: Top 5 Techno
Post By Static. 15/01/10, 04:07 am

1 - Operation Blade by Public Domain: EVERYONE knows this Very Happy

2 - Tension by Orbital: best song ever, SO GOOD to dance to.

3 - Voodoo People by Prodigy: yeeeeeah. Very Happy

4 - Radio by Felix da Housecat.

5 - Poor by Felix da Housecat feat. Miss Kittin with Royksopp.

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Re: Top 5 Techno
Post By Paul. 13/02/10, 01:20 pm

Here are some of my favorite.

Joonas Hahmo - Sound Of Sunday (Original Mix)

Paul Van Dyk ft Jessica Sutta - White Lies -Berlin Vocal Mix

StripE - Fighting For Freedom

Munetica+Buzzmasta - Cross Water [Original Mix]

StripE - Meta Dimension
Not on youtube :-(
You can hear a piece of it here: Track 9 of Energetic Trance 2

dj Feel feat. Julia Pago - Circles On Water(.Alexander Popov The mix)

beatmania IIDX - PollinosiS

StripE - See The Lights

DJ Feel & Alexander Popov ft. Tiff Lacey - Time After Time [Chris Reece Main Mix]

A bit more than 5 and I can't decide an order.
Now I have tried your favorites, I don't think mine can be called Techno. More like Hard Dance / Trance?

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Re: Top 5 Techno
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Top 5 Techno

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