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Good period dramas?

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Re: Good period dramas?
Post By Le_Saboteur. 27/11/09, 05:39 am

Thornback wrote:

-The first season of the Tudors(because my mum had the boxset)

am considering Deadwood.

Let me know how The Tudors goes! I kind of want to watch it, it at least looks interesting. Also; Tamzin Merchant (Catherine Howard- the young wife of Henry- from Season 3 or 4, can't remember which) is also in the Game of Thrones pilot Very Happy If that show doesn't get picked up I am going to rage so hard.

Also; Deadwood is good. It's a pretty bleak show, though.

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Re: Good period dramas?
Post By Thornback. 27/11/09, 09:30 am, sex, sex, occasional reference to historical events, sex, sex, jousting, sex, sex, henry throws a hissy fit, sex.

basic plot for ya right there. The costumery is gorgeous, but if youre looking for in depth discussion and exploration of tudor-era politics, you're in the wrong place. Admittedly I have seen only the first three eps of the first season and bits and pieces of the others, but dont place too much hope upon this series. You will HATE Jonathan Rhys Meyers at the end of it. And in this series, Catherine howard is an air headed tramp. And too skinny besides. Anne of Cleeves is so much better in every way.

I've seen Deadwood down at the video store...may get it out, if you recommend it.


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Re: Good period dramas?
Post By Mischa. 27/11/09, 09:57 am

The BBC version of Vanity Fair is AMAZING I have watched it so many times

The Dutchess was totally boring, very dissapointing. How they made such an interesting lady have such a dull movie is beyond me.

If You like dark Victorian I can recommend Fingersmith , Tipping the Velvet and Angels and Insects is amazing (and very shocking)

Angel is awesome too, if you don't want to murder the main character

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Re: Good period dramas?
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Good period dramas?

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