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Need Help Making 'Batting Gloves'

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Need Help Making 'Batting Gloves'
Post By obeandcath. 06/10/09, 03:19 am

I'm making Bad Girl's (No More Heroes) costume for Auckgeddon, and I'm rather confused as to what I can do for the gloves.
Essentially, they are softball batting gloves, however, these are freaking expensive (curse you New Zealand and your small softball/baseball fanbase). The cheapest ones are about $35 on trademe, and after that I'd have to change them.
I thought about using these long evening gloves I have, but then I realised they'd be too thin.
Is it worth getting the gloves from this Trademe auction, somehow changing the long gloves, or is there any other way I can recreate these rather stupid gloves?
Winter gloves aren't being sold in stores anymore either ;_;

Ref pics:

Any help is appreciated
seXAH <3

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Re: Need Help Making 'Batting Gloves'
Post By JVCA. 06/10/09, 03:44 am

If you can find some black stretch fleece (must be stretch!), you can make gloves easy enough just by tracing around your hands on a piece of paper (making sure you have your fingers stretched out as far apart as they can go) and using that as a pattern.

Make it as long as you need at the wrist, and leave enough at the end for hemming, and when you cut the pattern out, leave a seam allowance around the fingers (I go for about 5mm for something like this). After you've sewn around the line, trimming the seam allowance is optional (gives you more finger space though), but you need to make sure that you snip the seam allowances where the webs of your fingers are or else the fabric won't sit right when you turn it the right way out. n_n

If you want to make life easier, you can hem the tops of each piece before you sew the two pieces together, because otherwise the hem might be a bit fiddly to sew! C:

...I hope this is understandable/helps! o_o; If you need me to clarify anything then just let me know. Very Happy
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Need Help Making 'Batting Gloves'

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