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Chicken Mesh

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Chicken Mesh
Post By HECROLIPON 8. 24/05/09, 11:25 am

Yes well as the name suggest im looking for some chicken mesh. Plus i need sheets of polystyrine. Im making a mokona. Anyone know how much they cost / where to get them?

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Re: Chicken Mesh
Post By Admin. 24/05/09, 11:26 am

Uhhh... I imagine that you'd be able to find at least the chicken mesh at Bunnings.

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Re: Chicken Mesh
Post By KotoneVersus. 24/05/09, 11:36 am

Mitre 10.

Or $20 for 5m at The Warehouse. For chicken mesh.

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Re: Chicken Mesh
Post By seraphik. 24/05/09, 01:24 pm

i bought chicken mesh for my prinny for about $17 at mitre 10 mega... 5m.

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Re: Chicken Mesh
Post By Grassangel. 25/05/09, 07:52 pm

Sheets or just blocks? Because a place like Para Rubber might have polystyrene/foam that you could use. Maybe even Plastic Box for foam.
No idea where you could get polystyrene for sure though.
(I'm assuming you're making a mascot costume.)

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Re: Chicken Mesh
Post By Cookie Monster. 27/05/09, 08:24 am

Polystrene or Styrofoam?
Unforntately I just recently gave away a 2400mm x 1200mm x 50mm sheet of Styrofoam which I had left over from my Space Marine armour.
I got it from Forman Building at around $50 a sheet.

I don't reccommend Polystyrene if you are going to be doing a lot of shaping and sanding with your foam (it has big open beads making it tear easily when sanded), instead use Stryofoam.

The best way to cut you foam is with a Japanese Pull-saw. It cuts in a back-pull motion only, that way you're not tearing the foam with a normal saw pushing back and forward. Also get your pull-saw without a disposable blade and spine, the way the spine won't stop you form cutting through your foam properly.
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Re: Chicken Mesh
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Chicken Mesh

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