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DAE Photos 09

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Re: DAE Photos 09
Post By ladykirby. 22/09/09, 06:18 am

yeah that would EPIC but.... i have many others to work on at the moment its not funny and i have halloween and 2 birthdays to think about both birthdays are on the came day and since i make epic cakes they want me to make their birthday cakes o-0 and i have xmas to think about ( i like to get things ready before hand so theres no mad rush) and my puppy would like to say hello she eve has a facebook lol but 7 am is normal time for me or just give me lots of sugar

Sean you you AHHHHH there is no word for him and those those THINGS ( i had a ex ruin it for me)

DAMM BUNDLE OF FLUFF............ i have no i dear what she has done to my laptop she knows how to get in to the dos system on the main computer
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Re: DAE Photos 09
Post By Guest. 22/09/09, 10:01 am

LOL. Sean and his jedi cape XD *SNORT* Yea >_> i got back together with Rob for a bit for a couple months but we recently broke up but we're still friends (Hence the flirting with maxi-kun lol) AND, dummy me thought "OH HELL. Why not try to date sean?" Got a week into thinking about it, sparkled twice... fizzed out and said "Screw it, not worth it XD"

Best friends are fine but i'm just NOT in the mood when there's not enough attraction lmao.. and uhm >_> Yea i'll just STOP BEING OFF TOPIC AND LINK TO THAT FACEBOOK thingie xX;; cause for now i forgot to put them in my gallery XD
If you cant see that well >_< then i'll have to do some massive catching up to do in uploading XD



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DAE Photos 09

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