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Post By Static. 10/12/08, 09:43 am

Yo, guys - I need to have some stuff screenprinted. I know there are a bunch of places in Welly that do it, just wondering if anybody has a preferred shop or whatever. It'll be a gold design on burgundy fabric, any places that do metallic inks?


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Re: Screenprinters
Post By Grassangel. 11/12/08, 01:13 pm

Hmmm... you only want a few/one done, right? I had to organise a small run of around 25 shirts for a school production a couple of years back, so I know something that size (one colour, doing my own design) can go around... $25-$30 including the shirt.
I asked around at Club 55, A1 Embroidery and Screenprinting, Muzzy Shirts and that one down on Ghuznee St.

I'd recomend Muzzy, because they're the ones I ended up choosing, but do call them all up and ask for quotes/ink options. It may run cheaper if you've got your own shirts/whatever already, but they may not want to print on that.
If it's a one off (or something like a couple of metres of fabric)... I'd say track down a friend or a friend of a friend who wouldn't mind doing it for you. It isn't that uncommon a hobby.

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Re: Screenprinters
Post By mightydelemma. 06/01/09, 01:24 am

i embroider.... i have a machine that does it for me.
but there is one in island bay that isnt bad. but i'm not sure what its like cos i think it only does mass numbers.
but there's a couple in town now

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Re: Screenprinters
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