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Basic Event Details 09

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Basic Event Details 09
Post By Guest. 19/11/08, 08:59 am

Quick & dirty thread providing info about the event for anyone confused. :)

Icy Rose wrote:
Entry ~ $5,
Time ~ 10am to 5pm
Location ~ Dunedin Town Hall
Special Guest ~ Christopher Sabat (voice of Piccolo from DBZ)
Sponsored by Madman, therefore a Madman booth will be present selling merchandise.

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Re: Basic Event Details 09
Post By IcyRose. 19/11/08, 04:42 pm

Also there will be some screenings provided by Madman, I am uncertain as of yet if we have control over what can be screened there or not. I will update this thread when more information comes my way.


Here are the events so far confirmed by Bill:

- Anime Screenings (which will alternate with other events occurring during the day)
- Christopher Sabat panel
- Dubbing Workshop with Christopher Sabat (not sure if it's the same as his other panel)

Essentially any event we're wanting to try add on we're going to have to try fit into the schedule with what is left in the 7 hours this event is running on. The event is pretty much in one room that is a bit smaller than the main stage area at the Chch Convention Centre, there will be two stories though, the 2nd floor will be where all the stalls are at.

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Basic Event Details 09

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