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Post By Pyro. 19/09/08, 02:29 pm

This movie is totally rad. x3

Hyakkimaru is a sexy as guy, the CGI effects are so bad they're good, and the acting is hilariously over the top.


I got to see it being filmed by chance when we drove past on camp one year-- yeah, guys, it was filmed about an hour out of Christchurch, in Methven, of all places!

You can see the NZness flowing out of the scenery almost all the time... It's great.

So, has anyone else seen Dororo?
(Or, better yet, played Blood Will Tell?)

Because I'm feeling lonely right now in my love of it. D8
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Re: Dororo
Post By Yunnik. 30/10/08, 02:26 pm

Ooo~ I've seen this a while ago... It was actually very good... although some parts with the CG did make me go Urkk...
Does anyone know whether the story will be continued??
Oh and I heard from my brother that when they were shooting for Dororo in NZ they advertised around looking for ppl to be extras! Wish that I had know about that cuz it would've been fun to meet that Jap actors! Apparantely some of my bro's friends did go and they had a blast! So lucky T^T

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