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suzaku kururugi

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suzaku kururugi
Post By Ariel_C. 09/01/13, 10:00 pm

hi , im new here in new zealand(auckland)
im from chile, i arrived some weeks ago
well , here some photos of my cosplay of suzaku kururugi from code geass, because of my university i couldnīt cosplay so much as i wanted in my country, then i never took photos so proffesionals ( indeed this cosplay i used once for this photos and thatīs all), may be some day i will take better shoots.
there are some very good cosplayers in southamerica ( im farway from them at level)

Name of series: Code Geass
Cosplayers' names and characters they are cosplaying as: Kats Strife (me) like suzaku kururugi

excuse my english, im improving it


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suzaku kururugi

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