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Fake joints

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Fake joints
Post By Astarae. 11/09/12, 07:27 am

Yes you did read that right. I am looking for help trying to make a few fake joints. Because I have decided to be Aotearoa, and Aotearoa and Australia are one of the most prolific weed smokers behind a few other countries. So its going to go with my uniform. I jst need help with this.

I'm not at all embarrassed asking for this.

Thank you

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Re: Fake joints
Post By EternalOutsider. 13/10/12, 07:53 pm

LOL, you cosplaying as Bob Marley or something?

I would just role up a wad of paper and paint the end black. Then put some orange cellophane on the end to look like burning embers.

Make it big and ridiculous, so its obvious its not real.

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Fake joints

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