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Post By Astarae. 10/04/12, 02:25 pm

I have not the faintest idea in making a staff. I was thinking of using wooden curtian railings, which are the ideal height and width for my needs, but can I ask for ideas about this :3 Does the material that the staff is created with affect the ability to use it as a prop in a cosplay skit? Questions and questions that I have no answers too, maybe you do!


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Re: Staffs
Post By Duckeh. 17/04/12, 05:08 am

You'll have to read the rules of the competition you're entering as they're all different! C:
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Re: Staffs
Post By Koemix. 17/04/12, 08:52 am

You just have to think if what you choose to use is going to be practical/safe or not.
For example If you use a heavy broom pole or something its not going to be easy to
carry around and could potentially harm you or the others doing the skit.
For making the pole of a staff you could use PVC pipe, Its pretty lightweight,
and should be skit safe. I used PVC pipe for my marluxia Scythe handle >
But there are other options~
If you're going for the Armageddon cos contest you'll have to follow
their guidelines with props, from memory i dont think they allow metal

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Re: Staffs
Post By Mischa. 24/04/12, 12:29 pm

The plumbing section at Bunnings/Mitre 10 is great for staff bases - lots of plastic tubes and ways to screw them together Very Happy

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Re: Staffs
Post By Tails. 24/04/12, 03:15 pm

I need a staff for my elementalist, tempted to head down to the beach to find a big awesome looking there's an easy idea Very Happy

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Re: Staffs
Post By brunetteyes. 25/04/12, 04:28 am

For longer/larger props, (like my 1.7m rifle) I tried my best to make it as light as possible for the times when I occasionally bump someone with it by accident.

Also makes its it hell of a lot easier to do different poses with it and avoid getting too tired at the end of the day :)

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Re: Staffs
Post By arjaytistic. 07/07/12, 10:20 pm

Armageddon Contest rules won't allow you to use something like a wooden pole, when we made a magic staff we got a bamboo tiki torch and papier-mache'd over it and added all the extra bits - also helped keep it light yet sturdy so it could be carried around and used as a substitute walking stick

-- rj xx
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Re: Staffs
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