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Sowing design help??

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Sowing design help??
Post By 悪魔. 28/01/12, 12:59 am

Hey I need help with the design/layout of what the material must look like to make a sleeve that goes half way up my biceps to my hand. Any good websites or tips?

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Re: Sowing design help??
Post By 80486. 28/01/12, 03:39 am

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "half way up my biceps to my hand". Is it just a short sleeve, or something more exotic? In any case, you should start with a basic sleeve pattern and alter it. Good instructions for drafting a sleeve can be found here: You don't need to bother with an elbow dart unless the sleeve is very tight.

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Re: Sowing design help??
Post By Highlander. 28/01/12, 12:18 pm

A picture would help.

I assume you mean that the item doesn't meet the shoulder seam. It starts from the bicep and ends at the wrist/hand? Not sure what they are called, kind of a cross between sleeve and long glove? I assume it's form fitting?

I would use material with plenty of stretch and just make it so it is as tapers down the arms, so it's always the width of your arm, plus seam allowance. Since you essentially are going to sew it (or at least the test) while it's still inside out then you can easily correct it. And the stretch allows it to move with your arm and to slip over your hand. A form of flatter seam with a double row of stitching would be stronger?

But others have done these sort of items before, so can advise you better. But they will need more details.
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Re: Sowing design help??
Post By JVCA. 28/01/12, 03:28 pm

I'm presuming you mean something like the girl in this picture is wearing? (Sorry, I'm on my phone so I can't code it as a clickable link.)

Ignore the part about using a t-shirt and just use a stretch fabric, making sure the stretch goes width-ways but here's a tutorial that more or less explains how to do it: :)
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Re: Sowing design help??
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Sowing design help??

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