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Interactions with the Public

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Re: Interactions with the Public
Post By Tails. 17/05/12, 02:43 pm

When I was Tidus I had a lot of people staring at my chest and throat trying to suss out if I was a guy xD That was funny. In public I don't blame people for staring, I mean how many times a day do you see a Pikachu walking around. It's not always a bad thing, most people smile back at me when I smile at them if I notice them looking. Although I remember people getting egged outside Auckgeddon 2010, that infuriated me. I don't know, sometimes when I'm walking out the door in costume, I just hold my heaad high and hope no one gives me grief. At the end of the day though, any trouble I get is worth it because being in costume with all you guys is just plain old fun :)

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Re: Interactions with the Public
Post By Highlander. 17/05/12, 02:48 pm

They seemed convinced PI was a guy!

Of course if you have never heard of open chest binding ...
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Interactions with the Public

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